Sometimes I put art on shirts.  Art you can wear!  The future is NOW.

Shirts from YOSHIRT can be ordered through me.  Shirts from SPREADSHIRT can be ordered directly from the site.  Click the SHIRTS link for more information and available designs.

Contact if you are interested.  Paypal accepted and preferred.

I have a collection of prints on hand.  Prints are $21.95 each, plus $5 shipping, and come signed by the artist.  If requested, signatures can include personalized messages.  

Click the link above for available prints.

Signed Prints for Sale

From time to time, I may put up a painting or paintings for sale.  Available paintings are in the gallery below.  Contact me at with any queries.

Paintings are listed with set prices.  Actual shipping costs will be estimated and added to total.  All payments will be made via Paypal.  Digital images are cropped, and may not accurately depict dimensions (uncropped photos available on request).  Paintings are shipped in their original conditions (possible minor wear-and-tear, feel free to inquire about specifics), and are either framed or unframed as they were originally acquired.

Original Works for Sale

Sometimes I'll vandalize landscape paintings sent to me by the general public.  If you have a landscape painting you want me to populate with some kinda critter or another, send me an image.  If I paint something and you want it back, generally speaking you can purchase it for $50 plus return shipping.  If you don't want it back, I'll buy it from you for ten bucks.  Details follow:


It must be a landscape/cityscape/seascape.
It must be an actual painting and not a print - either oil or acrylic on canvas.
You must send a digital photograph of the painting.
You must have purchased the painting at a second-hand store, thrift store, yard sale, or the like.  
Please do not send paintings purchased from original artists legitimately trying to sell their work, or from art dealers and the like.  If you’ve purchased a painting for less than ten dollars from somewhere you wouldn’t normally go to seek out art, you’re probably on the right track.  
I will also accept original work painted by you or someone you know who wants their painting vandalized by a stranger.


You mail me the painting.
I paint a monster of some sort into the painting.
I send you a digital image of the painting when it’s finished.
You decide whether or not you want the painting.
If you don’t want it, I will purchase it from you for ten dollars.
If you do want it, you can purchase it back, including shipping costs.
All transactions will take place through Paypal.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or Facebook.

Voluntary Involuntary Collaboration Program