"Perhaps that’s why Weezer tends to be such an irregular beast, no different than the hulking creature grinning in their latest artwork."

-Consequence of Sound

"...a terrifying puffball monster stomping through a forest in a sea of smoke..."

"...the cover is arty and stupid and awesome and trippy and has a toothy monster the size of a mountain in it that looks straight out of the mind of the world's finest spliff smokers..."

"...some sort of Muppet monkey mammoth trolling a foggy brown mountain range..."

"...BEASTLY...I'm not sure what to make of it...[by] Chris McMahon, who is known for inserting strange monsters into recognizable landscapes..."

"...and finally, the new album cover, which depicts a giant monster whose sharp teeth suggests that it might not be the cuddliest of beasts. But hey, the title and artwork are way, way better than the ones for Hurley and Raditude."

-Spin Magazine